Greiner Tissue Culture

CELLSTAR® Tissue Culture Products are manufactured from high quality, optically clear resins and are tissue culture treated to provide a surface with excellent adherent properties for uniform cell growth and proliferation. Stringent manufacturing conditions and quality control measures ensure no contamination and guarantee only the hightest class of products reach our customers.

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Surface Treatment Information
CELLSTAR® and CELLMASTER™ Products for adherent cell culture are tissue culture treated using a special physical process. The treatment leads to the inclusion of polar groups, such as carboxy and hydroxyl groups, making it hydrophilic.
CELLCOAT® " In addition to tissue culture treated vessels, Collagen Type 1, Poly-D-Lysine and Poly-L-Lysine protein coated vessels are available for cells that requre a protein surface for culture.

Testing of cell culture products
All cell culture products are physically surface-treated and are tested with different cell lines. Morphology, cell growth and cell vitality are monitored in the process. A broad spectrum of cells, ranging from primary cells, mammalian cells and human cells to insects cells, enable comprehensive testing. We guarantee 4 years stability on the surface treatment of all cell culture products.

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