GloveOn Gloves (Formerly Pharmatex)

Available Exclusively From Phenix Research Products

When you fit GloveOn gloves onto your hands, you can see and feel the difference. These gloves come from one of the most meticulous and consistent glove manufacturers in the world. We believe that dollar for dollar, they represent one of the best values of any product that we sell. They fit well, offering excellent protection, and are incredibly consistent and reasonably priced.But don’t take our word for it. In a test of dozens of gloves, a prestigious third party testing organization has named GloveOn as the best glove in overall quality in separate tests of latex and nitrile gloves. For quality, consistency, protection and value, you can’t beat pharmatex. This is one area where you can use the best product available for just a few dollars more than standard or poor quality gloves.

  • Outstanding Consistency
  • Guaranteed AQL ≤1.5
  • Tape & Labels Do Not Stick
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Gel Glove Rated #1 Out Of 25 Latex Gloves Tested**
  • Nitrile Glove Rated #1 Overall Out Of 12 Gloves Tested**

* Phenix is an exclusive distributor for Pharmatex Gloves in the Life Science/Research market.
** Rated #1 by an independant non-profit testing laboratory. 4-page report by the CRA is available upon request

NOTE: Pharmatex has changed the name of their gloves and packaging to GloveOn, and their corporate name from Hartlega to Mun Global USA. This change is simply a branding/renaming strategy, the gloves are exactly the same.

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