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MyGo Mini

The MyGo Mini is the world's most compact real-time PCR instrument, with no moving parts for silent operation and maximum reliability. It provide users with great results over a broad range of applications. Personal precision...


  • 2 Color Capable: Beautiful Design
  • Solid State Reliability: No Moving Parts
  • Powerful, Easy to Use Software: PC, Mac & Linux
  • Extreme Thermal Uniformity: Allows Merging of Runs & Saved Standard Curves
  • 16 Tube Capacity with Fast Runs: As Little as 1 Hour for 45 Cycles
  • Standard Consumable: Both Instruments Use Standard Low Profile PCR Tubes (0.1ml)

MyGo Pro

The MyGo Pro real-time PCR instrument provides unmatched performance in a convenient format. Novel Full Spectrum Optics deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube in parallel, for reliable multiplex qPCR. High performance Peltier elements, and solid silver blocks, provide both speed and world leading thermal uniformity. The result is rapid, precise, quantitative qPCR and melting point analysis. Advanced algorithms combined with an intuitive applications, operating systems and connection options. Performance made easy...


  • Advanced Multiplexing qPCR Instrument
  • High Performance Block w/ Extreme Temp Uniformity
  • Very Fast: Runs in as little as 35-40 minutes
  • High Resolution Melt Curve Capable
  • 32 Tube Capacity: Individual or 8 Strip PCR Tubes (0.1ml low profile)

MyGo Instrument Specifications
Technical Specs MyGo Mini MyGo Pro
Number of reactions


Format 0.1ml tubes 0.1ml tubes & strips
Reaction volume 10 - 100μl (20μl recommended) 10 - 100μl
Operating noise Silent <40 db(A)
Max Ramp Rate 3°C/s heating 5°C/s heating
Run time < 60 minutes < 40 minutes
Excitation 500nm (blue LED) 500nm (blue LED)
Detection 510 to 560nm (CMOS array) 510 to 750nm (CMOS array)
Channels 3 120 optical channels
Sensitivity Single copy detection Single copy detection
Dynamic range 9-log 9-log
Precision 1.1 fold discrimination 1.1 fold discrimination
Factory calibrated dyes SYBR Green I, ResoLight, FAM, VIC, HEX, CAL540, CAL560 SYBR Green I, ResoLight, FAM, VIC, HEX, Yellow 555, Red 610, TexasRed, Cy5, CAL
540, CAL 560, CAL 590, CAL 610, CAL 635, JOE, Pulsar 650, Quasar 570, Quasar 670,
Quasar 705, ROX, TAMRA, TET
User selected custom dyes Yes Yes
Supported assay formats Intercalating dyes (e.g. SYBR Green I), Hydrolysis Probes Intercalating dyes (e.g. SYBR Green I), Hydrolysis Probes, Molecular Beacons,
SimpleProbes, HybProbes
Connection options LAN, Direct connection to computer (RJ45), PC-free (USB stick) LAN, Direct connection to computer (RJ45), PC-free (USB stick)
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