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Open, save and/or print technical brochures on many of our products. Most brochures are in PDF format, so please make sure that you have Adobe Reader® on your computer or click here to quickly download. Once you have the brochure up, you can save it to your local computer or print it. If you would like a print version of a brochure or any other type of literature, please email

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Popular Downloads

  • 2015 Cryogenic Storage Catalog

    80-page catalog for all areas of cryogenic storage and cold chain management. Offering the best of traditional and new technology for sample management. We hope that you will appreciate our broad selection, outstanding service, and overall value.

  • 2015 Phenix Research Products Master Catalog

    Check out Phenix's full line of 2D barcode tubes and racks for cutting-edge sample storage. Perfect for storage and archiving of samples...100ul to 4ml.

  • Phenix Research Products QuickShip Brochure

    Over 700+ of our most popular products that are guaranteed in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours of your order. All in one 48-page brochure.

  • PHENIX Research Barcorded Sample Storage Brochure

    Check out PHENIX's full line of 2D barcode tubes & racks for cutting-edge sample storage. Perfect for storage & archiving of samples... 100ul to 4ml.

  • PCR and Genomics Products Catalog 2018

    Reliable products for the entire PCR workflow! From manual or automated DNA/RNA purification through many post-amplification processes, we offer a broad set of solutions from the most innovative manufacturers around the world.

  • The Phenix Research Quarterly, Vol. 4 2018

    Check out the new edition of The Phenix Research Quarterly for our latest cost-saving sales and promotions for your lab! Don't miss these new arrivals in our issue:

    • Affordable flow cytometry (FACS) tubes
    • LTS-style ergonomic pipettors and tips
    • Low-cost cDNA synthesis kits
    • Hinged, gridded freezer boxes in 5 colors
    • Universal 2D tube scanners
    • 20x faster biodegradable nitrile gloves

  • Forensics Catalog Supplement

    Supplement to our Forensics catalog.

  • Lab Basics Traceable Brochure

    View our Lab Basics Traceable product offering. Traceable Thermometers – measure, monitor, record and transmit.

  • New Lab Resource Guide

    Check out the Phenix Research Product New Lab Resource Guide. Everything you need to get your new lab started today!

    • Supplies
    • Chemicals
    • Safety and Apparel
    • Equipment
    • Instruments
    • Furniture

  • Brewery and Winery Brochure

    Phenix Research Products is proud to offer you products for the beer and wine industry.

    • Supplies
    • Equipment and Instruments
    • Safety
    • Chemicals

  • Food and Beverage Lab Brochure

    Front startup to finish Phenix Research Products has everything you need for your Food and Beverage Lab.

  • Forensics Catalog

    Introducing our full line of Forensic products.

  • Waste Water Brochure 2018

    Check out our products to support: water/wastewater sampling and monitoring and environmental testing.

Product Selection Guides

  • PHENIX Research Agarose Selection Chart

    Discover what makes Phenix Agarose so unique and effective

  • Bottle Top Filtration Selection Guide

    Which Bottle Top Filter is right for your separation and purification needs?

  • PHENIX Research Label Guide

    A thorough overview of PHENIX's label line –their sizes, materials, and application

  • PCR Plate Compatibility Chart

    PCR/qPCR plate and cycler compatibility chart

  • Sealing Film Guide

    See which adhesive and heat seal films work best for your application

  • PHENIX Research PCR Enzyme Guide

    This PCR enzyme guide will help simplify your polymerase selection process

  • Freezer Rack Selection Guide

    See which freezer racks (upright and chest) fit which freezer

  • Bead Beating Guide

    Learn all you ever wanted to know about the bead beating homogenization process

Automation & Robotics

  • Eppendorf epMotion Compatible Tips

    Specifically designed for compatibility for Eppendorf® epMotion® automated pipetting systems

  • RotoCycler Discs For Qiagen Rotor-Gene Analyzer

    These discs are equal to a one-piece plate and are compatible with automated reaction setup

  • PHENIX Research Barcoded Sample Storage Brochure

    Check out PHENIX's full line of 2D barcode tubes & racks for cutting-edge sample storage. Perfect for storage & archiving of samples... 100ul to 4ml

  • BioRobotix Robotic Tip Line

    Our Thermo BioRobotix brochure offers a full range of tips for all major automation platforms

  • Encore 96/384 Plate Pipettor

    Accelerate liquid transfers for 96 & 384 well plates with the functionality of a robot with a small footprint and price!

  • Low Volume Benchtop Pipettor

    The new 0.1ul -20ul BenchTop Pipettor is a semi-automated liquid handling instrument for pipetting low volume samples into 96 and 384 plates

  • High-Density 2D Tube Racks

    Squeeze almost 3 standard racks into the same space as our High-Density, 2D Tube Racks

  • Hamilton-Compatible Robotic Tips

    Check out our full line of Hamilton STAR & Nimbus Tips (10ul-1,000ul) at great prices

  • AccuSeal Heat Sealer

    This semi-automated heat sealer is ideal for low-medium volume throughput labs –consistent seals and easy to use

  • Automatic Heat Sealer A4S

    The A4S automatic heat sealer the perfect solution for automated heat sealing of medium to high-throughput or full automation applications


  • Phenix Brand X-Ray Film

    High quality Audiography film for al your X-ray needs at the Lowest Nationally Advertised Price

  • multiSUB Gel System

    The multiSUB series of Horizontal Gel Units offers the most versatile solution for DNA/RNA agarose gel electrophoresis.

  • Molecular Grade Agarose

    Multi-purpose, high clarity Agarose at market beating prices. Enhanced resolution & reduced background.

  • Phenix Premium & Specialty Agarose

    Phenix offers a quality selection of Agarose for all of your application needs

  • GelRed Nucleic Acid Stain

    Eco-safe replacement for toxic EtBr which no optical setting changes. Easy to dispose.

  • GDS Gel Documentation System

    A state-of-the-art innovation designed for the gel imaging market.

Laboratory Equipment & Instruments

  • Autoclaves

    Affordable research autoclaves that are compact & easily programmable. 8 & 16-Liter options available.

  • BioDoc-It System

    Check out our full line of Hamilton STAR & Nimbus Tips (10ul-1,000ul) at Great Prices!

  • PCR Plate Spinner

    Our PCR Plate Spin down centrifuge spins down tubes, strips & plates. Less than a 1/4 the size of most plate centrifuges.

  • Adam Balances

    Quality engineering & design with great value. All units carry a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • OptiMax Thermal Cycler

    The Multigene OptiMax Thermal Cycler is our premier thermal cycler with a variety of features and a 3-year warranty.

  • Prism Microcentrifuge

    The industry's best microcentrifuge. Available in stadard (ambient) and refrigerated formats.

  • Max Spin 12-Position Minifuge

    High capacity minifuge with combi-rotor to spin tubes and strips together. It holds 2X the capacity of normal minifuges.

  • Quinn Spin Minifuge

    Our best selling minicentrifuge handles all of your spin down needs for a great value!

  • MyBath 4L Water Bath

    The complete water bath. This compact 4L bath is easy to use and has all the features you will need.

  • BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer

    The BeadBug is a high energy benchtop homogenizer that sets the standard for cell disruption.

  • MultiDrop™ Dispensers

    Accelerate large scale assays with superior precision in a variety of plate formats across 20-995ul range.

  • MultiSkan™ GO UV/Vis Absorbance Reader

    Versatile & affordable reader with wavelength from 200-1000nm.

  • Multi-Label Plate Readers

    VarioSkan™ & FluoroSkan™ multi-label readers offer a wide variety of features.

  • Wellwash Microplate Strip Washers

    Easy to use for ELISA & Cell Washing Applications.

  • Incu-Mixer MP

    Designed to provide an optimal method for vortexing and incubating microplates.

General Lab Supplies & Gloves/Apparel

  • BenchGuard Benchtop Protector

    BenchGuard is highly absorbent and contains spills for your lab surfaces. Available in pre-cut sheets & rolls.

  • Bio-Degradable Flasks

    100% Bio-Degradable Green Culture Flasks. Can degrade in soil within 1 year (70 days in composting conditions).

  • Media Storage Bottles

    Hybex reusable media bottles made from high quality, borosilicate 3.3 glass. Superior chemical resistance.

  • Soft-Tech Lab Wipes

    Soft-Tech wipes are designed for wiping sensitive or delicate surfaces throughout your lab.

  • Bottle Top FIlters

    PES Bottle Top Fitlers for fast filtration with low protein binding. MCE, Nylon & PVDF Filters also available.

  • GloveOn Gloves

    #1 Rated Gloves. Available in Powder-Free Nitrile & Latex. Tape & labels do NOT stick to these gloves.

  • Microflex Gloves

    Check out our popular line of Microflex Laboratory Gloves including Evolution One, Diamond Grip & many more.

  • CELLSTAR EasyStrainer Cell Sieves

    For filtration of cell suspensions and primary cell isolates.

  • Work2Store Box Expanding Box

    Work2StoreTM is a 64Place Box. Holds 1.5/2.0ml Microtubes & Standard 2.0ml Cyrogenic Vials.

PCR Reagents

  • PCR Reagent Master Sheet

    Check out PHENIX's full line of PCR Reagents: Taq, Mastermix, Hot Start, kits, etc.

  • Hot Start Red Mastermix

    PHENIX 2x Hot-Start Taq Red Mastermix is a complete ready-to-use heat-activated 2x reaction-mix with inert red dye.

  • Hot Start Mastermix

    PHENIX 2x Hot-Start Taq Mastermix is a complete ready-to-use heat-activated 2x reaction-mix.

  • High Fidelity Mastermix

    PHENIX High Fidelity Mastermix is a convenient ready-to-go 2x reaction mix for high fidelity and maximum experiment reproducibility.

  • High Fidelity Polymerase

    PHENIX High Fidelity Polymerase can exhibit up to 46x greater accuracy than standard taq polymerase.

PCR Supplies

  • Quinn Spin Minifuge

    Our best selling minicentrifuge handles all of your spin down needs for a great value!

  • PCR/QPCR Strip Tubes

    PHENIX offers a wide variety of PCR/QPCR Strip tubes with dome style, flat and individual attached caps.

  • PCR Reagent Master Sheet

    Check out PHENIX's full line of PCR Reagents: Taq, Mastermix, Hot Start, kits, etc.

  • ThermalSeal2 PCR Sealing Film

    ThermalSeal2 Low PCR Sealing Film dramatically reduces evaporation and is easy to apply.

  • Non-Warping Semi-Skirt PCR Plate

    Check out PHENIX's non-warping PCR Plate with full rim around the plate for easy sealing & stability.

  • OptiMax Thermal Cycler

    The Multigene OptiMax Thermal Cycler is our premier thermal cycler with a variety of features and a 3-year warranty.

  • SpotLiter 96-Well Plate Light Tracker

    How it works: LED light is illuminated under specific wells, rows, or columns of microplate to keep track when filling, or indicate wells need to be aspirated.

  • MPC-9639/MPC-9639-384 Thermal Cycler

    The non-gradient thermal cycler has been designed to provide consistent, reliable results with medium to high throughput.

Cryogenic Storage

  • CryoCert™ 1D Barcode Tubes

    Innovative screw-caps eliminate leakage and contamination

  • Max 30 Single Door Refrigerators & Freezers

    30 cubic feet of storage for general purpose applications –great for storing basic lab supplies

  • Large Capacity Refrigerators

    Ideal for laboratories or pharmacies

  • Built-In Under Counter/Stackable Freezers & Refrigerators

    Great features with market-beating prices

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